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It takes courage and strength to reach out and get help. I provide individual counseling, specializing in women's issues.  I work with young adults, 18 years of age, and older. 

Did you know that everyone experiences depression, anxiety, loss, grief, and more at some point throughout their lives? You are not alone!  Getting help is more common than you think!

Especially now, when so many people are going through extremely difficult times.  Life-changing situations, such as school, lack of employment, relationship issues, and more are a big problem right now.


I use a Cognitive-Behavioral approach when working with clients.  I help clients to identify negative thinking errors and point out irrational thoughts that can cause a person to feel anxious or depressed which can lead to negative behaviors.  Exercise, nutrition, and sleep are also addressed to best help with a client's mental



 By providing clients with effective tools, coping skills, and information, my clients will learn how to identify and overcome their struggles.

With a personalized plan and specific goals tailored just for you, achieving success has never been easier! 


I offer secure online sessions in the comfort of your own home or in the privacy of my office.  Both are strictly confidential and social distancing is applied in the office.

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Serving Clients Since 2000

After receiving my master's in counseling, I was employed by hospitals and community agencies, working long hours with huge caseloads of clients.   I didn't feel I was able to give 100% of myself to my clients and became frustrated. So, after 15 years,  I decided to open my own private practice dedicating myself to providing the best quality care to my clients without all the politics, rules, and stress involved.  


Life can be difficult! I get it! With a little help from a professional counselor, together, I will provide you with all the tools and information you need to feel great again mentally, physically, and spiritually.


"I began routine appointments with Cathie during the summer of 2020, and she is such a great resource for anybody who is trying to overcome obstacles or setbacks in their life. She is very good at keeping a big picture perspective and helping me move through my day to day."  D.R.

"Mrs.Cathie is a great listener and truly cares about my issues during our session. She is kind and has helped me through my anxiety. I would recommend her to any of my friends".  M.G.

"Cathie is flexible, experienced and shows she truly cares.  I've always felt comfortable with her and never feel like I'm being judged". Jocelyn



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